Welcome to PINA Organisation Sri Lanka

The P I N A Organisation is a humanitarian, development-aimed organisation, functioning in Sri Lanka since 1988

We help people in need, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, age or social standing. Our vision is to provide all Sri Lankans with a better standard of living and to lend a hand to families who are facing hard times and to those who cannot help themselves. All members of P I N A work voluntarily and free of charge.

Our mission statement is simply to never give up hope. Today P I N A has seen more than 30 years of successful growth and operations in Sri Lanka. There were late nights, obstacles and sheer impossible tasks to overcome, but there were also tears of joy, accomplishments and moments we will take on for the rest of our lives. The knowledge, that we have contributed, even in the smallest way, to the betterment and development of Sri Lanka, is not only a satisfying thought, but a deed that speaks for us as humans and who we are at heart.

We believe in helping one person at a time, hoping that in the end, we contribute to the social development of society as a whole.

Ongoing projects

Many Sri Lankans suffer health complications and death as the result of chronic kidney disease (also known as CKD) each year. The north and east of the island are the worst affected areas as the people living there are reliant on agricultural produce (rice farming in particular).

A few years ago, CKD was identified in these areas; however, the root cause of its prevalence in this region has not been clearly explained to date. Unfiltered water is one of the main causes for CKD. Only about 35% of the island's population have access to the public water network, the remainder (particularly those in rural areas) are reliant on ground water, which can have fatal health implications. These local regions are therefore in urgent need of water filer systems.

The PINA Organisation together with the Sri Lankan Navy has successfully completed 2 RO Plants (Water Filter Systems) in Padaviya (January 2017) and Minneriya (November 2017). Each RO Plant (Reverse Osmosis) filters 10,000 litres of water per day. The PINA Organisation takes over the costs of constructing and installing of the water filter system, whilst the Sri Lankan Navy takes over the construction.

In 2018 PINA Organisation celebrates 30 years of humanitarian service for the people of Sri Lanka and the 3rd and 4th RO Plants funded by PINA Organisation was opened on 29th october, 2018 in Sigiriya. In the coming years PINA Organisation will fund more RO Plants to improve the lives of people living in CKD affected areas.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of PINA Organisation

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of PINA Organisation 2 RO Plants was opened in Sigiriya area on 29th October 2018

1 RO Plant is stationed at the Sigiriya Maha Vidayalaya where 1,200 students and approx. 450 families will be benefitted with 10,000 liters purified drinking water per day free of charge

Another RO plant is located at the western entrance of Sigiriya Rock enabling to quench the thirst of thousands of tourists visiting Sigiriya every day free of charge

PINA Organisation

is funding clean drinking water (RO plants) in Sri Lanka for a healthy future


Sigiriya Maha Vidyalaya, 2018


Sigiriya Rock, Western Entrance, 2018

RO Plant funded by PINA Organisation at Sigiriya Western Entrance

The RO plant donated by PINA Organisations at the Sigiriya Rock, Western entrance is very popular and is used daily by visitors from Sri Lanka and Tourists.



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We need funds and support to successfully execute these projects - every single contribution goes a long way in helping people to enjoy a better quality of life.

We welcome monetary and non-monetary contributions from individuals and organisations.


We are a non-profitable humantarian organisation functioning in Sri-Lanka over 30 years!

Over the years PINA

can count up to donating over approximately
480,000 spectacle frames,
medical items in worth of over 94 million Sri Lankan Rupees,
being involved in over 10 house/ building construction
and renovation projects,
2,150 wheel chairs,
1200 walking chairs,
1700 pairs of clutches,
2,200 tents and a variety of quick aid after
the Tsunami disaster
Completed successfully 4 RO Plants (Water Filter Systems) till today
a variety of items and basic necessities to enable needy people
to survive!

Over the coming years PINA will strive to continue its quest to help the needy population all over Sri Lanka and live up to the expectations of its members and hopes instilled into it by the public, as well as to expand its scope of activities in Sri Lanka in reaching the truly destitute regions and donating medical equipment’s/ items and necessities to needy people and institutions of this country.

Meet our Board

  • Deshamanya Dr.h.c Aruna Shantha Abeygoonewardana Ph.D

    Dr. h.c Aruna Abeygoonewardana Ph.D

    President of PINA – Sri Lanka

  • Ms.Jutta Abeygoonewardana

    Ms.Jutta Abeygoonewardana

    Secretary of PINA – Sri Lanka
  • Mr. W. Wilbert Soysa

    Mr. W. Wilbert Soysa

    Vice President of PINA - Sri Lanka
  • Mr. Lalith Silva

    Mr. Lalith Silva

    Treasurer of PINA - Sri Lanka
  • Mrs.Sylvia Goeggel

    Mrs.Sylvia Goeggel

    Representative for Europe

The Board

Born in 1957 in Colombo, Sri Lanka, he spent a few years abroad and returned to Sri Lanka in the 1980’s to work as a NTG Lecturer. He soon founded PINA and has since been the inspirational force behind it.
In December 2006 he received the prestigious Deshamanya title, from the Sri Jayewardenepura Foundation in Kotte, Sri Lanka, for his humanitarian work in Sri Lanka.

Dr.h.c Aruna Shantha Abeygoonewardana

Deshamanya Dr.h.c Aruna Shantha Abeygoonewardana Ph.D

Justice of Peace (for the island of Sri Lanka)

President of PINA – Sri Lanka

Born in Germany, Ms. J. Abeygoonewardana settled in Sri Lanka in the 1980’s with her husband and worked in the tourism trade till 2000.
From then on she has been full-time working voluntarily for PINA – Sri Lanka, over looking projects, accounting departments and handling all PINA organisation correspondence.

Ms.Jutta Abeygoonewardana

Ms.Jutta Abeygoonewardana

Secretary of PINA – Sri Lanka

What you can do…

There are a million ways to make a difference and to make someone else’s day brighter. Here is you change to bring a smile and help us to help the needy…

We must stress the fact that all our members and volunteers work charitably and also that we do not seek direct cash donations. If you wish to make a monetary contribution to P I N A Sri Lanka. Please refer to our bank details.

Yet to help someone destitute there are many more ways. We encourage the donation of medical items, which we can pass onto the needy population in Sri Lanka, for whom such basic necessities are out of reach.

We wish to add the fact that durable items need not always be new, but in good condition. Please ensure that if you wish to donate anything through PINA, to contact us and verify your wishes. We ensure you our integrity in the collection, allocation and distribution of donations, for which we have been awarded transparency awards in Europe and built up an excellent reputation in Sri Lanka.

During times of natural or man-made disasters we may carry out special programs to help the affected people. If you wish to extend a helping hand during such trying times, please contact us immediately.


Bank Details

If you wish to make a monetary contribution to P I N A Sri Lanka please forward us this to our bankers

Bank Name Bank of Ceylon
Branch Independence Square - Colombo 7
 Sri Lanka
Account NO0077459647


ACT, No. 25 OF 2011




We wish to thank all those faithful members of our organization and members of the public for enabling PINA, the vision of one single person, to grow to this undreamt extent and for helping to realize our capabilities. Any further help in future, in whatever small way is greatly appreciated to continue our humanitarian efforts.


Contact with us

Postal address:

No.140, Galle Road, Pinwatta, Panadura,
Sri Lanka


No.140, Galle Road, Pinwatta, Panadura,
Sri Lanka


Phone : (0094) 038 2234396



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